Flyer Distribution

For years, one of the best forms of direct marketing has been pamphlets and flyers. Not only is it a cost effective form of reaching customers, but distribution points can be targeted in such a way that ideal target markets are reached.

Distribution Services Include:

  •  Busy Intersections
  • Strategic Intersections
  • Taxi Ranks
  • House Drops

Marketing Mogul offers distribution of flyers at a competitive rate whilst offering unlevelled service. Teams are dressed in uniform and conduct themselves in such a way that it ads to your company’s brand and image. Teams are regulated by on site supervisors and reports are compiled upon completion of distribution, to give you, the customer a complete peace of mind.

Our prices are calculated on quantities that we distribute with a minimum quantity of 3,000 flyers, or alternatively distribution can be booked per day.

Marketing Mogul’s flyer distribution has established itself as market leaders in this regard!